Our Farm Fresh A2 Milk + Locally Sourced Produce Delivered To Your Door

Every day, our team rise bright and early to bring you fresh A2 milk from our very own dairy farm. As well as gather together quality produce from carefully selected local artisans and producers sourced from all over the Canterbury region then hand deliver it all to your door.

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Weekly Deliveries

Add products to your weekly order then change, swap or pause your selection as needed. So you can rest easy knowing we will be bringing all your essentials ready for the week ahead.

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Delivery Schedule

We deliver far and wide across Christchurch and to a few parts of wider Canterbury on a fixed weekly schedule.

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Locals Supporting Locals

We believe in local people supporting local businesses, meaning you know exactly where your milk and groceries come from, the faces that made them and the incredible variety of produce available on your doorstep.

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We deliver to different areas each day, the day of your delivery will depend on your delivery address.

Find out which route your address is on before subscribing to a delivery route below. View our delivery schedule.
Current delivery routes: Tuesday - South Christchurch, East Christchurch.
Wednesday - Selwyn.
Thursday - West Christchurch.
Friday - North Christchurch, North Canterbury.