Our Story

Many of you reading this will be able to remember the sound of the milkman coming; this was my grandfather. As a child my father would reminisce by telling me stories of the ‘good ol’ days’ before supermarkets became the one stop shop.  Early mornings, no matter the weather conditions, both of them would hop in the milk truck and deliver fresh milk in glass bottles to families around Christchurch.

Milk runs through the Irvine veins; it didn’t stop there. My Dad, David Irvine, went on to pursue his own love of milk by purchasing his very own dairy farm, bought in 1984. It wasn’t an easy road for a young man in his mid-twenties, giving up his life as a mechanic and his pride and joy; a 1968 Ford Mustang to purchase the place we now call home. I am forever grateful to my parents for the childhood I was given growing up on the farm.
One cannot understate the matriarch of this family, my mum, who has supported my father both on and off farm. Life is precious and we as a family have experienced the reality of this first hand. In 1996 Dad fell ill with a heart related virus, having to take his first ever day off! Looking back now as adults we see how hard our Dad worked and continues to do so. 2003 was a significant year for our family, to say the least. Dad had to undergo a life-saving heart transplant and his recovery took a toll on the family. Dad had to learn to walk again and oddly began to like avocados; we were definitely amused by that one!
It was always a dream of my Dad’s to bring back tradition by supplying Cantabrians with milk in glass bottles, as his father did. The second generation wanted this to become a reality and with this, Canterbury’s Choice was established. We have gone full circle, putting A2 milk into glass bottles and delivering it all across Canterbury just as they did.
From our family to yours, we pride ourselves in bringing farm fresh A2 milk to Kiwis. Bringing back the milkman, the glass bottle and most importantly, the cream on top we all remember.
*For more information on our exceptional sustainability practices please go to our ‘Environment’ page.

It's important to us.

Our Values

Happy cows

If the cows aren't happy then neither are we!
The way the cows are farmed are the best in the industry.

During milking our girls listen to classical music and munch on home-grown barley grain. They graze on the lush pastures in Selwyn for over 90% of the day. Our 10,000 native plants and trees shelter them from the weather.

No Palm Kernel No Bobby Calves No Harmful Sprays 

​Farming values & practices

We pride ourselves on our farming practices and values. We farm with a heavy emphasis on the environment to protect our land, flora and fauna.

Our farm is located in Springston surrounded by natural springs, a resource that is close to our heart. We have cared for the springs for over 40 years and continue to make this a priority to Canterbury’s Choice.

​Our soils and water quality is hugely important to us which is why we have teamed up with the Department of Conservation and planted over 10,000 native plants. These plants enhance native bird-life and insects, riparian planting protects our soils from erosion, increases soil health, improves water quality and carbon sequestration and benefits our girls too sheltering them from harsh weather conditions.

​Living water program

We are also proud to be involved in The Living Water Programme operated by the Department of Conservation and Canterbury University to measure our nitrates in the springs and protect our waters. We have two independent contractors who annually assess our Environmental Plan to ensure we are doing the best we can for our land.

Self sufficient

We are 100% self sufficient with our land. We don’t buy in any feed; we grow all of our own grain, corn, kale, cereals that feed our girls.

We love being able to give our girls the nutrients they need! This is why our milk is of such high quality! 

Glass bottle return

Once you finish a delicious bottle of milk, you can return it so it can be refilled and reused without losing its quality!
Drinking milk from glass bottles is the only way to get that delicious true milk taste!

Other benefits:
- 100% recyclable
- It is healthier; made from natural materials 
- Glass doesn't impact the taste of the milk
- Glass bottles keep milk cold longer
- Milk lasts twice as long

Return facilities (any of our stockists)